Tres vestits


Tres vestits. Silk, neoprene, polyester crepe, nylon and cotton twill. 2016.

Tres vestits as part of my fashion collection called Un nosaltres impersonal were exhibited at Dress and undress bodies: Phenomenologies of appearance exhibition curated by Oriol Ocaña and Maia Creus.

“The “performativity” potential of fashion, its generative capacity, lies in its eminently public character. It’s in this sense that fashion design has a special relevance in its capacity to act into our bodies. Fashion industry has not only standardize the gender identity due to the repetition of traits that you identify with something female or something male. But also, fashion industry has made a number of paradigmatic, desirable, canonical bodies, while trying to hide the deformity and the difference.

The exhibition propose a reflection thought fashion and art around the body. Our question is which is the boundary between fashion as a way of indoctrination and getting dress as a way of appearance, of thinking and being yourself.” – words by Oriol Ocaña.

Tres vestits:

In the exhibition there were three dresses of the collection. The first is constructed from three overlapping suits based on the same pattern but different sizes. The second suit as a dress base with two identical dresses formally forming a central hanging garment drapes. The last dress is one piece that wraps the body structure through the merger of three different standards bodies.

More info about de fashion collection here.

Exhibited work:

Dress and undress bodies: Phenomenologies of appearance at La Panera Art Center, 02-2016 until 05-2016.

Dress and undress bodies: Phenomenologies of appearance at Can Marfà Art Center, 07-2016 until 01-2017.

More information about the exhibitions here.

Artists of the exhibition: Ana Laura Aláez, Nora Ancarola, Stéphanie Baechler, Ramon Guillen-Balmes, Isabel Banal, Anna-Sophie Berger, Denys Blacker, María Castellanos, Júlia Coma Vilarasau, Lucía Cuba, David Delfín, Emma Escuer, Pepe Espaliú, Ali Yerdel/Anastasia Pistofidou, Laura Fernández Antolín, Esther Ferrer, Lena Gallovicova, Nadine Goepfert, Rubén Grilo, Enric Majoral, Ana Mir, Txell Miras, Juan Luis Moraza, María Morgui, Juan Muñoz, Maria Palomeras, Miriam Ponsa, Joana Poulastrou, Laura Puigdellívol, Mariaelena Roqué, Tea Sirbiladze, Jana Sterbak, Pan WeiJu.