Sèrie curvatura


Sèrie Curvatura and Tassa Simondon
Oriol Ocaña, Laura Puigdellivol
Porcelain crockery, teacup, slides, slides projector. 2015

In one of his texts, Simondon explains that the capacity of action of an object is particularly present when it breaks or suddenly stops working. Our action is part of a series of experiments with broken objects and the possibilities of their reconstruction, with the action of breaking and with the possibility of thinking about the object from its essence as a broken object.

This time we show these two experimental processes. On the one hand, new photos of La Tassa Simondon, a broken porcelain teacup reconstructed with Blu-Tack. The imperfection of the resulting pieces and the inadequacies of the material used for the repair (designed to hang posters on the wall) create a new object that can no longer act in relation to the instrumental role that it is given. However, the object is still formally a teacup. Its dysfunctional nature indicates – more than ever before – the specific needs of its constitution relating to its action.

The repair process goes above and beyond: a process of in-depth awareness of the object, of its nature, of its form and of its possibilities.

On the other hand, we also show white porcelain crockery that has been reconstructed after being broken. In this case, its use is manipulated but not diminished by its breakage and subsequent reconstruction. Broken and reconstructed crockery also serves as a model for designing new tools, whether from the forms generated by the imperfection of the smithereens, or due to the possibilities raised by the awareness of these pieces in their new setting.

Exhibited work at Fer coses amb les coses.