Pedra leggera l


Pedra Leggera I is a work by Fer cosa fora. It was produced especially for Fer amb el que es té project by Joana Capella Buendia as part of the program of the Festa del grafisme at Portbou, 2016.

If we can consider the act of healing from rain under a tree as the most primary architectonic action, we would consider sitting in a rock as the constructive act of a chair. The rock for sitting is completely opposite to the Superleggera: the rock lacks of the technical development of the chair. But, moreover the formal and instrumental traits, making a sit of rock and carry it to an exhibition in Portbou has other technical and environmental conditions. Fer cosa fora raises a serie of actions from this idea. At Fer amb el que es té exhibition we featured a sit made of the stacking of rock oddments.

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