Guix sobre tela


The philosophy of consciousness has only made us think about the body as an anatomical object, as a tool, as a body to discipline, etc. But if we think about the body from the premise “I am my body”, I cannot pretend to be me and only me, as if I am my body, I am many other things than I am.

The idea of a limit as an “outline” shows the ability to define where my body ends and where it begins. This limit helps us to define the bodily structures that are in contact with my body. The outline is necessary for determining the existence of the material body, but also impedes relationships with space, which is why the outline of my body becomes a frontier, in the most literal sense of the word. In this case, on display is the outline of the garment that drapes over its own limits and embraces the curves of the body to become material attached to the skin, a projection of the body-object-space acting as one.

Bodies united, fused. Where does one begin and the other end? Other ways of reflecting on the environment we live in and the relationship with each other and how this is emphasised through fashion.