Fer coses amb les coses


Fer coses amb les coses is an exhibition by Fer cosa fora at the EFPA undergrounds, September-October 2015.

With the pieces featured on this exhibition, some dialogues regarding the ways and possibilities of action and association of the bodies and the things are established. From our perspective, the ways of action of the objects are essential to think about the social. With this pieces we pretend to experiment on how the relationships that form reality set, as well as their possibilities and limits. Doing things with things, are actions that embody in their process and materialization a critical reading of the associations and affections that we are made up.

Off School workshop

A workshop that arises from the Off School fanzine, edited by Adolfo Press. During the three days of workshop we will build a classroom that makes possible horizontal, democratic and open ways of knowledge. Conducted by Caterina Sbert.

Sorra Màgica

Action conducted by Oriol Ocaña and myself from our research around the materiality of objects. This research begins with La Tassa Simondon also featured in the exhibition.

The action consisted in trying to make a copy of the Tassa Simondon with a magic sand, that keep the shape you give her, but at the same time, it’s useless as construction material. That’s because you would broke the cup if you try to drink with it.

Our goal was to know the object from others sides. By trying to copy it you get a deeper knowledge of the object, of its nature, its shape and its possibilities.

More photos about the project here.

A pleated skirt

An action by Joana Capella Buendia and Laura Fernández Antolín in which they modify a pleated skirt to alter its function and appearance in order to follow other ways of being wear. They did it with colorful velcro in order to be distinguish by the colors and also ephemeral.


Photography and creative direction of the exhibition campaign by Jose Porroche and Edu Piracés.