Com ajuntar dos espais separats


Com ajuntar dos espais separats is an action by Fer cosa fora carried out at La Marineta Cultural Center. With the collaboration of Tirsomàtic and PLOM.

How to bring together two different spaces on a February evening and then turn everything back to normal? Two corridors and a hidden third, on both sides of La Marineta. The trail of our bodies on the hidden space, our actions projected at the end of the corridors, offering an illusory continuity. What is behind the blue door? Where is the blue door?

We designed a sweatshirt from the idea of How to bring together two different spaces. This garment was thought to show the information about the presentation event as a promotion tool. Furthermore, during the action we developed and filmed at the third secret corridor we all were wearing it as an act of uniformity.

Click here to download ‘Caught’, also known as ‘A penguin in the lift’, an interactive app used by PLOM during its soundclash with Tirsomàtic.