Capturar l’absència


Capturar l’absència is a visual series that explores the role of the body-to-dress and the implications of this when thinking about who we are.

The canonical structures established by fashion are a demonstration of how our bodies are virtually disenfranchised. Hence the need to capture the absence of the body in order to free it of the constructions projected onto it, thereby making it visible. This absent body, this body without body, which fades away and is transformed into many variables, makes it impossible to formally capture it, because it goes way beyond a mere void anatomy.The body is always in contact with the world, so it creates a network of relationships that don’t start or end in one’s self.

This project aims to capture the condition of a naturally-changing body that is always in contact with its surroundings. When the act of dressing the body takes place, the body is always in contact with the garment. This means that while the body is dressed, the body is the garment. So there is no difference between the body and the garment, as they are mutual agents.